Gnosjö Hostel

In Töllstorp's green leisure area lies the hostel. You live in nice four-bedded room with kitchenette. Here you have exercise trails and a swimming pool around the corner, and take you quickly to the wild west adventure High Chaparral and Isaberg Golf Tavern and ski paradise.

Entrepreneurship in Gnosjö is known in Sweden. But in Gnosjö, the rich leisure life is at least as important. In Töllstorp's leisure area around Töllstorpasjön you get a great deal of exercise and recreation and a rich dose of good Småland nature.

In Töllstorp's leisure area you will find the newly built hostel. Here you live in the four-bedded room with self-catering kitchen. There is a terrace for each room and an inviting playground and barbecue area on the grounds. The accommodation is handicapped adapted.

From here you can quickly go to the Wild West Adventures High Chaparral, Isaberg Golf Course and to Isaberg Skiing Paradise. From the hostel, hiking trails start to the Great Mosse National Park and the Isaberg Nature Reserve. Great Mosse is Sweden's largest marshland area south of Lapland. Here you go or fish in one of the idyllic lakes.

Töllstorps fritidsområde Fritidsvägen 6