Töllstorps Industrimuseum

Töllstorp Industrial Museum shows the emergence of the small industry in Gnosjö from the 1700s.

It's a living museum where the water wheels still spin, just like in the past. Book your visit by phone: 0370-99106. At Töllstorp's industrial museum there are wire drawing and manufacture of for example whisks, mouse traps, hairpins, safety pins and cookie shapes. There are two mills, one forge and Gnosjö's first automachine made in 1881. Initially, the thread was drawn using horse walks, but around 1750 you began to thread with the help of hydropower. During the guided tour you walk a trail which is mostly a gravel road. If you do not have the opportunity to go there, they will be able to watch the guided tour on film.

The museum is open for bookings during spring, summer and autumn. During summertime the museum is open every day between 1 pm-4 pm.