Töllstorp leisure area

The recreation area around Töllstorpasjön comprises about 200 hectares and consists mainly of characteristic Småland nature. From there, hiking trails lead to the National park Store Mosse and the nature reserve at Isaberg. Along the hiking trail around Töllstorpasjön there are two wind shields, a cold cage, a barbecue cabin and a variety of barbecue areas. Perfect for training camps!

Outdoor gym
Along the elljus trail, near the Töllstorp Hall there is an outdoor gym. Welcome to try the different exercise tools. If you are unsure how to do, there is an information plate with pictures on the different exercises. Open all times of the day, free of charge.

Lighted trails
3.5 km hilly terrain (red mark)
1.5 km smooth terrain (blue mark)
0.5 km smooth terrain (green mark)

A 2 km long paved trail designed for skiers, inlines, kickbikes and wheelchair users. When there is enough snow, the trail is prepared with ski slopes and space for free skiing.

Ski / exercise track
Töllstorpasjön around - 7 km (green-white mark)
Töllstorpasjön around - 5 km (green-white mark)

Hiking Trails
Töllstorpasjön around - 4 km (yellow-white mark)
Kävsjölänken, -Gnosjö-Store Mosse national park- 20 km (orange mark)
Järnbärarleden, -Gnosjö-Isaberg - 21 km (orange mark)

Windbreaks / barbecue house
All wind protection and barbecue areas can be used free of charge and without pre-booking.

Töllstorp Industrial Museum
Töllstorp Industrial Museum consists of a farm and a small industrial area in its original location along Töllstorpsån. The museum is managed by Gnosjö Homestead Association in collaboration with Gnosjö Municipality.

Indoor complex consisting of swimming pool, sports hall, gym, wellness center, outdoor recreation room, meeting / conference rooms, cafeteria and leisure office. Töllstorpshallen is handicapped accessible.

Töllshov soccer area
A-field - Grass 75 x 120 m
B-field - Grass 75 x 120 m
C-field - Grass 75 x 120 m
Artificial Grass field - 65 x 105 m

The hostel
The hostel is located in Töllstorp area in Gnosjö and has 12 rooms with four beds in each. Laundry and drying facilities as well as breakfast service are available at the facility. Newly built, disabled. Terrace to each room. Playground and barbecue area on the plot.

Töllstorps fritidsområde Fritidsvägen 6