Saxhytteleden and Lindestubbeleden

Saxhytteleden is approximately 1.5 km long and graveled, which makes it possible to walk for example with a stroller or wheelchair. Lindstubbeleden is about 5.5 km long in woodland.


The total distance of graveled points is approximately 1.5 km in the cultural history environment. In the area there are picnic benches and barbecue facilities. It is possible to get along with a walker and a stroller.


The Lindstubbeleden is a natural trail that goes along forest paths in the landscape north of Skärvån. It is 5.5 km long and runs in hilly terrain. The member is signposted but it has grown up a bit of sludge and some trees that can obscure the signs and visions. Bring the map to find you easier. The member is from the outskirts of Marieholm.

Link to a map, click here.