Marieholms Iron Mill

Marieholms Bruk is the last iron mill that was started in Småland. It was built below Skärvån towards the Mosjön on the unused field.

The Iron mill was founded by Anders Wingård in 1836. He gave the name to his wife, Maria Petronella, and the village was named after the mill. The Iron mill began to operate with two bar-iron chains. If you follow the nearby Saxhytteleden, you can see the ruins of Saxhyttans valsverk, from 1891. Various agricultural machines were manufactured here, most of the machines are still being viewed in Gamla Fabriken.

From the 40's onwards, the main focus was on manufacturing for the defense industry. It was mainly electronic products in the new factory, starting from 1958 with plastic boats. the famous IF boat. The mill is open for guidance all year round, but it may be a little cold in the winter when the main building is in stone, call: 0370-515959.