Hyltens Industrial Museum

J E Hylténs Metallvarufabrik was active between 1874 and 1974. A visit to Hyltén's industrial museum is like entering a metal factory, where time has stood still for 80 years.

It is a living museum shown by knowledgeable guides. Hylténs Industrial Museum is an intact preserved metal industry with machines, tools, offices and more in operation. There is even a stock of goods ready to be shipped. In the workshop, the machines operate with belt drive and the electricity comes from a separate over 100 years old power plant. There are also sales of products made in the old fashion way, for example school bells and mortar.

Entrance fee: Adult: 60 SEK, youth: 30 SEK. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-4,00 pm, please call the museum in advance for booking.

The museum is closed between the 22:nd of December and open again the 12th of January.