Scandinavian Raceway

Welcome to a racing track dating back to the sixties. The course is Scandinavia's only Formula 1 course. It has hosted many champions over the years.

Scandinavian Raceway is a racing track located southwest of Anderstorp. The motorway has a significant cultural-historical value based on its sports history role as the only motorway in Sweden with international standards.

The initiators were Sven "Smokey" Åsberg, a race-interested corporate manager in Anderstorp, together with two other enthusiasts Bertil Sanell and Åke Bengtsson. They formed Anderstorps Racing Club in 1966 and formed the core of the club. The motorway was built as a combined motorway and airfield in 1968 and the same year, the first race, a Formula 3 race, was run.

Both the motorway and the airport had their great glory period in the 1970s. For five years, 1973–1978, Formula 1 competitions were conducted in Anderstorp. Sweden then had two successful rally drivers running Formula 1. Ronnie Peterson and Gunnar Nilsson. Since 2015, the facility and the commercial parts are managed by a limited company. Since 2006 the raceway is also host to highschool students with motorsports as their elective.

Scandinavian Raceway organizes several competitions and events on the motorway.

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Scandinavian Raceway Anderstorp Nennesmovägen 20 334 33 Anderstorp