The daffodils in Fagerås

In Fagerås blossoms over a million daffodils in 100 different varieties. The two most prominent are Golden Harvest and Ice Follies. Arne plants annually between 20000 and 50000 new bulbs.

Over a million daffodils Several thousand people visit Fagerås during the season, which runs from late April to mid-May in normal weather. The daffodils are planted on a 10 tn (1 acre = 100x50 meter) large area of mower beds. Around these stretches you can also view old cultural environments like stone walls, old trees, rocks, etc. In the heated log, coffee and waffles are served during the flowering period. In the test panes there are about 100 exciting varieties with different fragrances. Planting new bulbs makes Arne Andersson the same way every year.

Adjust opening hours and flowering forecasts. The season extends from April to May. See website for accurate flowering.

Fagerås 514 94 Sjötofta