Ödekyrkogården in Kållerstad

At Kållerstad's old church site was previously a wooden church built in the mid-18th century. Before that stood the pinnacle's only known medieval stave church. In the cemetery there are, among other things, about twenty-one graven crusades that give the desert cemetery a special character. To the east is a memorial stone where a St. Sigfrid source is located, where the first Christian is said to have been baptized

In Kållerstad there are two churches. In the northern part of the village stands the church of the day from 1858. About 600 meters south of this and on the crown of a hillside was the former church. There is only the old desert cemetery. The oldest known church here was an early medieval stave church in cross form. The church was a so-called sacrificial church and therefore received special gifts. Some inventory was saved when the old stave church was demolished. It was a triumphal crusade from the 1200s century, a late-medieval church bell and the pulpit from the 1640s. In the schoolhouse in Kållerstad from 1864 there is also recycled wood with wall paintings from the demolished medieval church. Around 1760 a new cross-shaped wooden church was built at the stave church site. This was torn a hundred years later when the new church was to be built in a new location in the village. Today, at the desert cemetery, there are about thirty memorials of stone and over twenty forged graves. The foundation of the 18th century church is not as easy to discover, but a rest cross marks the location of the altar table. Today, the cemetery has a bit of scarcity, which most cemeteries had in the past.

According to the tradition, the Stavkirk of Sankt Sigfrid was opened and just east of the desert cemetery there is a stoned sacrificial source bearing the name of the saint. Sankt Sigfrid was an English bishop who was missionary in Sweden and Norway in the 1000's. He is usually called Apostle of Småland and Västergötland. At the source of sacrifices, a memorial stone from the 1800s century stands with the text: "The Hell. Sigfrids source. Here the first Christian of the village was named ".

Map Kållerstad Ödekyrkogård