In Sweden and in many other countries, nature reserves are one of the most common ways to protect valuable nature in the long term. Here you will find a selection of the fine nature reserves located in Gnosjö and Gislaveds municipalities.

Visit any of them to enjoy nature in a really nice environment. You will find even more nature reserves via searching the link on Länsstyrelsens website.

Isaberg Nature Reserve Isaberg is a mountain hill in the Nissan valley. The top rises 309 meters above sea level and the dominant habitat is coniferous forest. From the top you have a mile-wide view of Nissan's valley and the lake-rich landscape. Isaberg has since 1968 been protected as a nature reserve. In the area there are several marked hiking trails, some of which extend far beyond the reserve.

Ettö Nature Reserve Is summer somewhere more beautiful than in the nature reserve Ettö? At Isaberg's foot and surrounded by Lake Algustorpasjön lies one of Nissadalen's most beautiful nature reserves. The peninsula Ettö is made up of sand that both Nissan and the ancient ice elves have washed out in the Algustorpasjön. The former hay meadows are now grazed. The northern part is made up of beach meadows and a birch garden with many single bushes.

Klosjön Nature Reserve The Klosjön Nature Reserve is a quiet and quiet nature area. Here you only experience nature's sounds like wind and bird song. Klosjön is a lake and a nature reserve in Källeryds parish in Gnosjö municipality. The nature reserve comprises 67 hectares and is protected since 2012. In Klosjön there are both perch, pike, you have also planted roach. Today, an old road stretches through the reserve between Klosjön and Hanabomossen. Along the walking path there is a simpler rest area with fireplace. There you can cook with firewood. You will find Klosjön if you turn off at road 151 between Gnosjö and Hestra at the "Nabban" sign.

Anderstorps stormosse nature reserve The nature reserve is almost 2000 ha large and has a rich bird life with, among other things, several nesting waders. On some moorholms there are really old coniferous forests and on the bog grows dwarf birch. During the Second World War, peat was broken on the bog and today the bog is drained through many ditches. During 2010-2015, a restoration project is underway aimed at restoring the moss to a more natural state. Within the framework of the project, facilities are also being built for visitors, such as parking space, bird tower and a footbridge over the bog. The nature reserve is located between Anderstorp and Nissafors.

Draven nature reserve The nature reserve Draven is located about 10 km north of Sunnaryd's ferry terminal at Lake Bolmen and is one of Sweden's most interesting bird areas. The lake has been restored to regain its character of plain lake with floods in ancient cultural landscape. It is now an important breeding ground for a wide range of birds, mainly ducks and waders. Among the best-known is the song swan, which began to breed here already in 1958. Other species seen at the Draven are trana, gray goose, red-bone, and more. At the lake there are two birdwatchers which makes it easier for you who want a bird cage. If you want to walk around parts of the whole lake, there is a walked path to walk on. Vid sjön finns två stycken fågeltorn vilket underlättar för dig som vill fågelskåda. Vill man gå runt delar av eller hela sjön finns en spångad led att gå på.

Nennesmo Nature Reserve Nennesmo Nature Reserve is located about 2 km southwest of Nennesmo village, between Anderstorp and Reftele. Nennesmo is a pine-dominated ancient forest that once was the seabed beneath Fornbolmen. Today, the area constitutes the overturning part of solid land with coniferous forest, but there are also marsh and mossy fields. A large part of the pine forest is up to 300 years old and there is almost no pine trees younger than 100 years old. Between the pine trees there is a 100-200-year-old spruce and there is relatively much dead wood in different degradation stages. The area is restricted to the east, north and south of Ängån and through the area a walking path leads to a rest area with fireplace.