Mias Magasin Bed & Breakfast

At Mias Magasin you will find B & B, hostel, café and handcraft.

Welcome to Mias Magazine. Here you live in a harmonious setting close to forest and lake. Enjoy the tranquility and stay close to a variety of activities such as Isaberg, Västbo Doghall, High Chaparrall and Ge-Kås. Or The beautiful nature area of Fegen where you can swim, paddle the canoe and other nature experiences.

Mias Magasins Bed & Breakfast has double and single rooms, which include cleaning, sheets, towels and a delicious breakfast. The hostel has double and single rooms where you can make your own bed linen, towels and your own breakfast. There is the possibility to as a family rent a separate part of the house, call for a pricing.    Mias Magasin receives bookings at tailored events, ranging from old-fashioned coffee rugs to after work. Their local is suitable for 6-20p!