Isaberg bike trails

Buy your bike map at the reception at Isaberg Mountain Resort.

Biking Trails

Bäckshultsleden - The cycling tour goes on a hilly terrain on asphalt roads. The trip is mostly in woodland.

Lilla Sjöleden - The cycling tour runs in easy terrain on asphalt roads. Bicycles partially along the golf course and have many moments of lake views. Why not stop for a coffee at Hestraviken Wärdshus?

Hestraleden - The cycling tour is in hilly terrain, mostly in woodland. You cycle on asphalt, gravel and forest roads and get a chance to see the Hestra Society.

Stora Sjöleden - The cycling tour runs in slightly hilly terrain on asphalt and gravel roads. This tour also goes partly through the golf course area, but also through a lot of woodland.