DTM Racing

Scandinavian Raceway returns to the international spotlight when the DTM racing series for the first time ever comes to Sweden in the summer of 2020.

DTM will be this year's racing event in Sweden and is organized by Anderstorp Racing Club and DTM. The racing competition will take place on June 12-14, year 2020, at the world famous motorway in Anderstorp.

DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters), is one of the world's largest championships for touring car cars. The series has its roots in Germany and is well established in the German motor industry, but has in recent years been positioned in an increasingly international arena. In addition to competitions in Germany, the championship has expanded to countries such as Italy, the UK, Belgium and Japan - an expansion that now continues with a historical competition in Sweden at Anderstorp. Since the start in 1984 DTM has developed into one of the world's fastest and most competitive racing series today .

Tickets for the DTM competition at Scandinavian Raceway on June 12-14, 2020 will be released on www.dtm.com on October 4.

CONTACT FOR THE EVENT DTM Anderstorp Racing Club: Carry Mårtensson 076-814 53 02 carry.martensson@arc.nu

Peter Eklund 0371-79 98 41 peter@srwanderstorp.se

Press / Medi:a Mattias Persson 073-267 16 83 mattias@motorsportpublication.se

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En helgbiljett (fredag-söndag) kostar mellan 59-89€ (ca. 630-950 SEK) beroende på läktare. Priset på endagarsbiljetter varierar från 10€ (105 SEK) på fredagen till upp till 79€ (840 SEK) på söndagen.

Scandinavian Raceway Anderstorp