In Western Småland there are a wealth of cultural treasures to explore. Here you will find everything from craft traditions to exciting industrial history. Want to experience the history behind Gnosjöandan? Then visit one of the exciting industrial museums.

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Kallfeldts Läder

Experience leather manufacturing at close range

Åsenhöga Ödekyrkogård

Desert cemetery with gravestones from1600s

Domarringar about 2500 years old

In Smålandsstenar

Floating river with fish staircase

Floating drain in the Valån

Släthults mill

Over 400 years old

Villstad Brunn

Health well


The top of Gislaved municipality

Ödekyrkogården in Kållerstad

The desert cemetery around the church town in Kållerstad

Gnosjö Hjälper

Secondhand store

Bölaryds mill and sawmill